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HBI Home Solutions Reviews

The 1930 Farmhouse in Wrens

“Working with Mr. Hieu has been very smooth. He’s very professional; help us with all our questions. When we made our arrangement, everything went smoothly and we’re on our way to Texas… When I talked other buyers, I wasn’t told the truth. Mr. Hieu looked over the contract I had with other people that even if we didn’t go with him, he made sure that we were treated honestly and fairly. That’s why we decided to go with Mr. Hieu because because he was friendly and honest, and he made it very simple

Darla Marshall – Wrens GA

Seller Review - Darla & John, Wrens GA

“I have worked with Hieu on a few transactions and he has to be one of the most professional and respectful people I have worked with in this business. Selling a home is a complicated thing, but Hieu makes it simple and quick. Look foward to working together again”

Travis Oglesby, Augusta GA

The 4-sided Brick in Pepperidge

“The process with Hieu has been streamlined. Very professional. Just a nice guy… This is more than just a home-buying process. I met a nice young man, a nice friend. The thing I like about Hieu is that he’s responsive. Hieu proactively reaches out to me for follow-ups. Hieu kept me informed each step along the way up to closing. Hieu made it a pleasurable experience for me, especially as I’m a full-time PA and also a vocational pastor.”

Larry Sims – Augusta GA

Seller Review - Larry Sims, Augusta GA

“I worked with Hieu on purchase and sale and I can tell you he’s very honest and professional. He will definitely close if he says that’s what he’s going to do. I would recommend anyone to work with this company, or even invest with them, if you need solutions with your real estate.”

Ethan Atkinson, Athens GA

Seller Review - John Edwards, Athens GA

The Duplex in The Woods East Athens

“Working with Hieu has been great. I feel like part of the family now. I have this duplex that I’m looking to move out of it into a different investment. What differentiates Hieu from the other folks we talked to is that he was willing to work with us on our timeline to make sure that our 1031 exchange can be lined up correctly. It took a lot of stress out of the tight deadline of the 1031 exchange. Will absolutely be working Hieu again in the near future. “

John Edwards – Athens GA

“I started working with Hieu two years ago. He is timely, extremely responsive, and very good at solving real estate problems. I have seen him grow over the years from completing his very first deal to now running his own business. I highly recommend working with Hieu and HBI Solutions.”

Vic Thompson , Athens GA

The Outdated Duplex in Athens

“I was living out of town and needed to sell the duplex fast. One tenant stopped paying rent and could not be evicted due to the moratorium. Hieu reached out and offered a quick solution. We agreed on a cash as-is offer. Everything was super fast and we closed in 17 days. It is all handled remotely and I don’t have to travel anywhere during the process.”

Bill Boucek – Cumming GA

“If you want to do business with someone honest, this is the place. I’ve done business with Hieu more than once and he is always good for his word, does what he’s he’s going to do, when he says he’s going to do it. Solid businessman and great person as well.”

Josh Griffeth, Danielsville GA

The Cabin In The Woods West Athens

I worked directly with Hieu for the sale of my house in Athens/Clarke County.

From the very first contact by Hieu until the day of closing, it was a pleasure to work with him due to his professionalism and kindness. I kept putting him off for months on selling my home due to health issues I was experiencing, and he was very patient and kind throughout the process. He never pushed me in any way and has been genuinely concerned up to and including post sale on the home.

He did what he said, was always on time, is an excellent communicator and made the whole transaction exceptionally easy for me. We agreed on a price, he then set everything up through the attorney, contract was signed online and when I went to closing the whole process was complete within 15 minutes and I was walking out with a check in hand.

If you have a property to sell, do not hesitate to work with this young man. You will not be disappointed if your experience goes as well as my experience did.

Gail Belden – Athens GA

“Hieu is always very helpful every time I talk to him. Very honest and upfront about the entire process.”

David Wheatley, Augusta GA

The 70s Brick Ranch in Winterville

“I moved out of state years ago and turned my former primary residence into a rental home. The tenants mistreated the property and turned it into pretty bad shape. I was ready to clear this asset off my book when Hieu contacted me. Hieu was flexible with the closing date allowing the tenants enough time to fully vacate the premises. Hieu handled everything coordinating with the tenants and closing attorney. This allowed me to sell my house from thousands of miles away easily. “

Corey Luttrell – Louisiana

“I’ve worked with Hieu on several real estate transactions and he’s always very responsive, professional and fair. I would highly recommend working with HBI if you’re in the market to sell your home quickly!”

Paul Pickett, Madison GA

The Cozy Cottage Downtown Athens

Very smooth process… Thank you so much. We should meet next time I come to Athens”

Michael Pope – Snellville GA

“He was great to work with and very responsive and able. He brought a ton of value to my real estate needs. Would recommend!”

Sean Hayes, Athens GA

The Triple Houses in Augusta

“We wanted to sell all these three houses as-is to consolidate our real estate portfolio. All three houses were next to each other, and two just became vacant, so it made sense to sell them all… We were skeptical at first because of previous experience with selling to other home buyers. They would ask for all kinds of repairs after the inspection came back. After researching about you online, we were relieved. You seemed honest and also willingly shared your knowledge so that others can benefit from it. We were happy with the closing. Thanks so much!”

Ike Smith – Augusta GA

“Hieu was able to help me get rid of a problem property. Very smooth process. Great service!”

Scott Poore, Duluth GA