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Sell Your House Fast In Hephzibah GA

We buy houses in any condition. No realtors, no fees, no commissions, no repairs, and no cleanup.

Choose when you want to sell your house fast: 7 days or later. No obligation. Get your cash offer now.

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We Buy Houses in Hephzibah, GA

Struggling to sell your home in Hephzibah? You’ve tried DIY real estate agents, but they didn’t work out. You’ve probably already tried to list your house on Craigslist or some of the other websites like that, and still, it didn’t work out. You don’t want to try selling through an agent again because you know that it won’t work for you, which is why you’ve landed here – on HBI Home Solutions’s website – looking for help on how to sell your house fast in Hephzibah, GA. 

So if you’re looking to sell your house fast, connect with us, and we’ll be happy to give you a fair, no-obligation offer on your home today. We look forward to speaking with you!

We promise to be highly flexible and helpful in finding solutions that will make you happy. Need some help with a problematic tenant? We do it… Can’t sell your vacant house and stuck with a mortgage? We get it … We have the resources available to handle all of your real estate needs – from buying and selling to renting, foreclosures, evictions, and more!

We buy houses in Augusta GA. “HBI Home Solutions” is a no-nonsense house buying company that brings fair cash offers for your houses in Augusta GA. If you need to sell your house for cash, we’re local home buyers in Augusta serious about buying your house.

Why Pay Real Estate Commissions? 

We all want speed and convenience when trying to sell a house. Unfortunately, the amount of time it takes for someone to buy your home can range from about three weeks to several months. You have probably heard of different strategies to speed up the process, but none of these will get rid of the real estate agent’s commission that you have to pay.

Before you get stuck with a 6-months contract, why don’t you call for a cash offer? 

We can give you a cash offer on your home today, in the next 24 hours. From there, we can close in 7 days, or you can tell us about the closing date. The process is simple, and we’ll never send you a lowball offer. Our goal is to give you a fair all-cash offer that works. 

Sell Your House The Easy Way

If you have been dreading the thought of your house sitting on the market for months or even years, only to have prospective buyers poking around and asking questions about what needs to be fixed and torn out, then we would love to make you a fair no-obligation offer on your house. Recognizing that this is an emotional decision and you probably have many questions, we invite you to contact us so we can help guide you to a swift resolution of your real estate investment.

Hieu was very easy to work with and they offered me a fair price for my home. The closing process was quick and smooth and I would highly recommend them if you’re looking to sell your house without any hassles

  Gail Belden – Athens GA Homeowner  

How Do I Sell My House Fast in Hephzibah GA

Check Out How It Works

Read our simple buying process. We also show you some FAQs from previous homeowners just like you.


Learn More About Us

We know you are not going to pick just anyone to work with. So, get to know us a bit! 

Request Your All-Cash Offer!

We will not waste your time. Fill in any of our forms and receive your free no-obligation offer within hours.

We Can Buy Your House No Matter Your Reasons For Selling!

We buy houses in all circumstances, and situations.

Behind On Payments / Foreclosure

Inherited A Property You Don’t Want

Job Transfer & Need To Move Quickly

Tired Of Being A Landlord

Unpaid Taxes / Code Violations

Home Damaged or Needs Expensive Repairs


Elderly Moving To Assisted Living

no need to clean!

You know why you should call us first? Because when we say “We Buy Houses As Is”, we really mean it!   Yes, that is correct. Food in the fridge, dirt on the floor, clothes, rubble and anything you can think of are all allowed. You will also be able to sell your house without doing any repairs at all.   Get in touch with us right now to learn more about this great service.

Get Your Cash Offer Now

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Smooth And Worry-Free Option To Sell Your Hephzibah House!

We are realistic and know that it is just not possible for some people to get a bank loan or sell the house for anything near what they still need to pay off their loan. So if you find yourself in that situation, don’t give up. Get in touch with us instead, and let’s see if we can make you a fair no-obligation no-hassle offer to get you out of this jam. Best of luck!

We are not here to judge, we simply want to make your selling experience the best it can possibly be when you sell your house fast to HBI Home Solutions!

Fast Cash Offer

If you need to sell your house fast, we will make you a cash offer within an hour of walking through the property. If you can’t show us your home right now, we will make a sight-unseen offer.

All closing costs are covered by us

We close fast and handle all the details, so there’s no worry about how your closing costs will affect your bottom line.

No Need to Clean

We will do all the cleanup. You take the stuff you like and leave the rest on us.

No Repairs Required, We Buy As-Is!

You do not need to do any repairs to the house. We take it off your hand the way it sits. Our professional contractors specializing in home renovations can handle it all.

Zero Real Estate Agents Commissions

Using agents costs sellers 6% of the sale price. Since we coordinate the sale without any agents, we will save you from hefty agent fees.

Flexible Closing Date

You may want to close as soon as possible or wait a few months down the line. Either way, we let you choose your closing date.

Why sell your house fast to HBI Home Solutions?

There is a better way to sell your house fast in Hephzibah, GA. You can’t stop the inevitable, and you don’t want to wait around for months on end when you could be doing other things. HBI Home Solutions will buy your house for cash. We will eliminate the traditional listing process and make this transition quick, easy, and painless. No need to worry about cleaning or repairs. This is entirely different than traditionally listing your house with an agent.

Our Direct Cash Offer Process

cash house buyer program in Hephzibah, GA - icon

Sell your house to HBI Home Solutions

Fair, fast and smooth transaction. Receive a no-obligation cash offer within 1 hour.

  • Instant cash offer within 1 hour
    Are you in need of quick cash? You tell us about your house. We run an analysis on it and generate a fair cash offer for you.
  • No Showings – No Hassles
    We buy houses “as-is.” You don’t need to wash and clean up every time someone drops by for a look. We don’t require open houses or showings on the weekends.
  • You choose your closing day
    If you have an unwanted property, we buy houses in any condition and at any price range. We can close in as little as 1 week or 10 months. You set the timing that works for you.
  • We pay ALL closing costs
    We’ll cover your closing costs to help you know exactly how much cash you’ll be netting from the sale.
  • Zero fees. Zero commissions
    We cut out the middlemen (agents), so it costs you nothing in fees and commissions. The sale price goes straight to your pocket.
  • No repairs + no cleaning
    We buy your house the way it is currently. We will do the repairs and clean up so you don’t have to.

The traditional selling method

  1. Never know when it’s going to sell
    The longer your house remains unsold, the more it costs you in holding cost. Some people can’t afford to hold on to their houses for 4-6 months
  2. Numerous showings and disruption to your life
    Dropping everything you do to go clean the house for a surprise evening showing. Doing this a few times per week can seriously disrupt your life.
  3. It takes forever to close
    Traditional buyers usually demand 60 days to close. But If their financing falls through, you’re back to square one.
  4. 1-2% in closing costs paid by you, the seller
    On average, a seller is responsible for up to 2% of the sales price in the form of closing costs.
  5. Hefty Agents Fees
    On average, 6% in commissions/fees are paid by a seller. On a $200,000 sale, you just lose instantly $12,000 to the agents.
  6. You could be on the hook for repairs
    Traditional buyers typically request you all sorts of random repairs after the home inspection.

Selling To HBI Home Solutions vs Listing With A Local Realtor

buying ugly house

If you’re in a hurry to sell your house and you want to avoid all the real estate trouble then you should seriously consider hiring us. HBI Home Solutions can buy your house without all those hassles. We know it’s hard enough to sell a house, but even worse when the property isn’t in tip top shape. You don’t have to clean up or fix anything because we constantly work with motivated sellers just like you who need a sale FAST. And, that’s where we’re different from real estate agents in Hephzibah.

We’ll know very quickly if we can help you, and unlike selling through an agent, you don’t have to wait to see if the buyer can get financing… we’re ready to buy right now!

Choosing The Right Local Hephzibah Buyer For You

When you sell your house locally there are 3 options…

  1. OPTION 1 – List your house on the market with a real estate agent: From listing to cash in hand it’s usually 45-90+ days, hassles of open houses, commissions, and uncertainty.
  2. OPTION 2 – Sell the house yourself (FSBO): You’re doing all the work an agent would, saving a bit of money but costing dozens of hours of time.
  3. OPTION 3Sell for cash to HBI Home Solutions: Avoid all of the hassles with listing on the market, pick your closing date, no obligation to see our offer, no need to do repairs, and we LOVE the most difficult situations agents or other investors won’t touch.

Get Your Cash Offer Now

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Or Give Us A Call Now At: (706) 389-5419

Sell Your House Fast And Walk Away

When you are in a rush to sell your house, you’re in good hands with HBI Home Solutions. As a seller, you can sleep easy knowing that we are here to help you through the selling process from start to finish. You’re free from fixing up the home and dealing with administrative tasks before the sale because we do everything for you. We adhere to our simple business philosophy. We buy houses for cash in less than 7 days. 

If you don’t want the hassles and want to sell your house fast, we’re here for you. Talk to someone in our office before submitting your property information by calling us today a (706) 389-5419

We buy houses in Hephzibah, GA  and all surrounding areas in GA. If you need to sell your house fast in GA, connect with us… we’d love to make you a fair no-obligation no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose 🙂